Our Purpose


Ask a mom-to-be and she will tell you she is bombarded with negative images and stories that leave her fearful and dreading her upcoming birth. That makes me sad. Moms want to hear positive and uplifting stories that build her confidence and allow her to be excited about having her baby.  

Birth is an extraordinary, powerful, life-defining, and awe-inspiring rite of passage that should be celebrated, not feared. These stories illustrate how bringing a new little life into the world can be magnificent. Their messages of discovery, inner strength, courage, and love, are meant to reassure and comfort, bring understanding, and foster a sense of optimism and security.

We are challenging society’s view of childbirth that portrays women screaming and begging for drugs; scaring us into believing our baby’s birth will be a horrible and excruciating ordeal. We show there is a brighter of giving birth. Together, these women are changing the birthing world one beautiful story at a time!



Here’s What Moms Say…

“Hugs to you for doing this! I know it will bless so many people.”  Susan C.

“Thank you for starting this project to empower new mums. Such an important venture!” Corinne

“You are such a wonderful advocate for women’s strength and power in birth. How gorgeous to make this kind of a difference in the world. I feel so warmed in my cockles every time I read where you’re up to on your project… Thank you so much!”  Gemma A.

“Thanks for putting your energy into this really worthwhile project!”  Kathy M.

“So of course, I love it! I love the whole concept of it and I truly believe it will help women everywhere. This book is a true gift to them, that’s for sure.”  Tara

“Thank you so much for this opportunity, and sending much love and good vibes for this project!”  A.E.

“Debby, this is important work you’re doing!! I am really excited about this project. We need more positive stories about birth out there.”  Kelly D.